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Quality Control

Surviving by goods quality, Developing by good credit. Quality and credit make business lasting. HQ constantly strives to exceed customers’ expectation in the durability and good performance. We guarantee the quality by our Total Quality Management (TQM).


We provide regular training for new and old employees, and make sure all workers are well trained, each station is operated by well skilled workers, each production process and workshop have professional engineers, inspiring them to avoid, find and solve any potential quality problem. We also accept any Third Party of Inspection appointed by our customers, such as TUV, DNV, BV, SGS and so on.


We have and keep importing new relative testing and inspection machines, such as:PMI detection equipment, ion quality controller, thionic analyzer, carbon analyzer, spectrophotometer, tensile machines, impact testers, hardness testers, metallographic analyzers, digital UT flaw detectors, etc.


Quality assurance is carried throughout the process from the raw material purchasing to production, packing, storage and transportation. Every process strictly conforms to the ISO 9001:2008, and every testing and inspection according to the relative standards. Rigid quality control and inspection at all stages of manufacture ensure that our products are suitable for customer's intended application.



Chemical Composition Inspection

The composition of materials can be quickly and correctly analyzed under a thorough quality control system with the laboratory which are well equipped with the most advanced and complete testing facilities, including iron quality controller, thionic anaiyzer, carbon analyzer, spectrophotometer and etc. Also composition on line during the production cam be well controlled. Therefore, each kind of material and product will be up to our strict requirement from the beginning to the end of the production.


Mechanical Property Test

Mechanical property tests will be conducted in our Mechanical Property Laboratory. Like bolts and nuts, casting, iron, steel, they will be tested for their stretch, compress, bend, strength to make sure they are in compliance with the different standards for different uses.


Air Test

The seal property of the grooved fittings will be tested by air test. Due to the gas penetration ability, unqualified products with sand hole and pin hole will be found during air test, and leakage will be avoided.


Rubber Gasket Test

Rubber gasket is a very important unit of grooved coupling and valves. Its property will directly affect the security and service life of piping system. According to the different material of the rubber gaskets, first of all, we choose the most scientific formula and adopt the most appropriate production process, and then, we will strictly do all the performance tests for each batch of the sealing rubber ring, including their hardness, strength, stretching rate, aging in hot air, oil resistance and etc to make sure the rubber gasket used passed the test and met customers’ requirement, and will keep the unchanging property as time goings.


Products Test

The product testing laboratory was set up following the criteria of the standard of GB5135.11-2006, FM, UL, ISO. So we can do all the related tests in the laboratory including static seal, compressive strength, withstanding seal, bending moment, rotating bend, quake, low-temperature resistance, high-temperature resistance. The new product' s appraisal type test, usual tests and ex-factory performance inspection are also carried on here. we ensure each order ‘s complying with the relevant standards.