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Hao anda "safety production standardization enterprise".

Time | 2016-08-11

Qingdao Hao anda Import & Export Company in November 2016 by experts in Qingdao City Safety Supervision Bureau safety audit, "enterprise safety production standardization (level three)".

Since the work of standardization in the construction, establishment, operation and evaluation of the work of education, Hao anda Import & Export Company and focus on safety standardization, continuous introduction of a number of safe production system, improve the rules, increase safety input, strengthen staff training and education, and actively improve the emergency plan system, carry out safety production activities, organization of workers emergency drills to improve staff safety accident prevention and disposal capacity, and actively carry out the rectification, and conduct regular review, to improve the level of production safety, the direction of the development of the company to the safety management procedures and regulations.

This passed the safety standard acceptance standards, not only for Hao anda Import & Export Corporation safety work must, for safety management work in the future to provide a more systematic and more standard, more detailed, more strict management according to the level two foundation for safety standardization of enterprises laid a solid forward.